American Home Water & Air

How We Increased an HVAC Company’s Revenue By 36% In 11 Months

About The Business

American Home Water and Air (AHWA) is an HVAC and Water Systems company in Phoenix, Arizona. The first thing that stood out to us when we bought the business was the great team they had on board along with the exceptional customer service they have been offering their customers for more than 35 years they have been in business. What got us very excited about the business, was the fact that they had very few processes in place for marketing and virtually no budget was spent towards online marketing activities. This meant that we had a lot of room for growth once we implemented all of our marketing systems and processes. Although we implemented a lot of processes and systems on the operational side of the business as well to improve efficiencies and grow bookings, this case study will only focus on our digital marketing efforts.

We took over the management of American Home Water and Air in November 2019 and we hit the ground running to establish AHWA as the #1 HVAC and Water Systems company in Phoenix, AZ.

Increase in Keyword Base
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Revenue

What We Achieved

Over the course of 11 months, we increased American Home Water and Air’s organic traffic by 3,842%. The increase in organic traffic is attributed to the significant increase in keyword rankings and the overall increase in the number of keywords ranking. We were able to increase the number of keywords AHWA is ranking in by 3,842%.

We have grown our local SEO numbers significantly across multiple channels:

  • Yelp page visits rose 93.7% and number of Yelp leads improved 162%;
  • Total actions taken on AHWA GMB listing improved 22%, as well as search views grew 109%. 
  • We also increased the leads number coming from our GMB listing by 213%
  • The amount of 5-star reviews on GMB rose 223%

Significantly improved the performance of existing paid media channels and opened up new channels of leads being generated through new paid media channels. The cost per lead on Yelp Ads decreased 63%.

As a result of all the great metrics above and the systematization of other processes, we were able to increase American Home Water and Air’s revenue by 30% when comparing May and June 2020 vs. 2019. 

What Did We Do?

As soon as we started working on AHWA’s growth plan we brought in our tools and methodologies to automate processes, improve performance and increase the volume of the lead; we implemented a live chat application, automated the process of generating reviews, redesigned the website, used call tracking numbers in all of our marketing activities, etc. In addition to implementing our tools and processes, we also rolled out our standard campaigns for each online marketing channel. Below are just some of our online marketing activities we saw success with.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We started off by doing thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to identify low hanging fruit opportunities (keywords with small to mid search volume and low competition) that we would be able to rank for very quickly. Given that SEO was never done on the website previously, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to rank well for very competitive keywords and we didn’t want to spin our wheels trying to rank for those keywords while not having any immediate results. With a very focused keyword strategy laid out we reoptimized the majority of the existing pages on the website and created many new pages.

To further support the keyword ranking efforts we have also been running campaigns to attract natural links from other local businesses and industry relevant websites.

As everyone already knows, the SEO results typically take a while to kick in, hence the relatively flat graph during the first few months, but once all of our initiatives started to generate results we have seen an increase in organic traffic of <b>3,154.71%</b> in only 11 months.

In addition, by means of producing high-quality content and combining it with consistent on-page and off-page SEO efforts, we were able to grow our keyword base by 3,842%. As of June 2020, AHWA is now ranking in the top 3 positions in with 230 keywords and has a total of 1,047 keywords ranking on the first page of Google. American Home Water and Air’s website additionally ranks for 21,720 keywords in Google as of October 2020.

Local SEO

We optimized all of AHWA’s profiles on all local directories such as Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. We also spent time improving the optimization of Google My Business page. As a result of our optimization efforts, we increased the total actions (this includes phone calls from the listing, requests for direction to the office, and direct visits to the website) taken on our GMB listing by 22% over the course of 11 months. Specifically, the phone calls from the listing increased by 71%. We implemented a system that allows AHWA to acquire reviews automatically and that allowed the business to more than double its number of reviews on the Google My Business listing.

Paid Media

Not only did our SEO and Local SEO efforts pay off in folds, but our optimization of the paid media channels also yielded results. When we inherited the Yelp Ads campaign, the Cost Per Lead was higher than what we were used to and after several months of optimization and tweaking of the campaign we were able to decrease our Cost Per Lead by 63%. We obtained similar results for all other paid channels we inherited.

Not only did we improve the paid campaigns, but we also opened up new channels of lead generation that were never experimented with before. We launched Facebook Ads and Google Guaranteed Program campaigns among several others.

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