How We Grew A Fintech Company’s Organic Traffic By 453%

About The Business

Silo is a fintech and capital offerings company that provides financial and technology services to produce businesses in the food supply chain (distributors, growers, shippers).

Silo stands out as a great solution to streamlining many of the issues that cause produce businesses to have profit losses or go out of business, mainly due to cash flow management issues.

Instead of traditional loans and lines of credit, Silo has capital offerings. Silo’s capital offerings are very beneficial to small produce businesses because banks favor large-sized produce businesses. Additionally, high-interest rates and hidden fees are quite common and challenging to deal with. Silo is transparent with costs and has industry-specific financial products.  

Silo has an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution as well. Silo’s ERP improves selling, buying, communications (with vendors, internal employees, and customers), accounting, inventory management, lot tracking & traceability, payments and collections.

Increase in Organic Users
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Total Organic Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Upon meeting with Silo’s team, we saw right away that they had an excellent opportunity for growth with digital marketing efforts, and their services were needed desperately by many businesses within the food supply chain/produce industry.

We learned there was no search engine optimization work before we were in contact with them. The Silo website was designed well and ready to grow. What was missing? Professional guidance and a solid SEO strategy. 

Our SEO work with Silo started in April 2022. We started by doing keyword research on low-competition search terms for a faster ROI. We also optimized their main service pages for proper keyword relevance in the website’s structure. 

From there, we started to work on expanding their exposure in Google by targeting relevant topics with new blog posts for high-volume keywords. While we worked on creating new content, we also started building backlinks to their most important pages to improve rankings that had already been completed.  

Alongside the content and backlinking efforts, we worked closely with Silo’s internal web developers to improve the entire website’s technical aspects, like page speed and mobile friendliness.

Paid Media

We started paid media (Google Ads) for Silo in May 2022. The basis was to find accurate keywords representing our client’s services. Phrases were constantly adjusted, also based on the point of view of the Silo team. Thanks to this, the client also received valuable feedback on what their potential customers were looking for. 

In addition to keywords, we also used dynamic search ads (DSA), which display text ads based on the landing page content. Doing this allowed us to generate more ad traffic and find additional keywords.

We regularly excluded irrelevant searches to ensure the advertisement reached only the right users. Equally important was adapting ad texts so users knew what to expect before clicking on the ad.

A milestone was the integration of Google Ads with CRM, which we achieved through joint efforts with the client and Google support. This allowed us to import lead status to improve the quality of traffic. We also knew how much income conversions from Google Ads generate.

Increasing the budget allowed us to create a Performance Max campaign using machine learning and rich targeting options provided by Google. Thanks to this, we reached new users, even when they were not actively looking for the services offered by Silo.

We plan to expand the scope of our activities to include additional channels.


To summarize the highlights of the SEO and paid media campaign, we have included data on essential metrics that have improved over the time we have worked together. 

Search Engine Optimization

Over our first year working together, monthly organic users increased by 170%.

SEO can take time to see larger results, but in just over 1.5 years, Silo’s monthly organic users have increased by 453% since our work started.

Additionally, since the 1-year mark to Oct 2023, organic monthly users increased by 104%.

With all our efforts in creating content and building links, we were able to increase our total keywords by 706%. 

As of October 2023, Silo is now ranking in the top 3 Google positions for 41 keywords and has a total of 106 keywords ranking on the first page.

Silo’s website also ranks for 1117 keywords in Google as of October 2023. 

Google Ads

Campaign optimization, searching for new targeting options, cooperation with the client, and Google support contributed to achieving 180-180 conversions monthly at an average cost of $40-60 USD.

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