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XYZ Reality’s 8585.7% SEO Growth with Build Media Group

Client Overview:

XYZ Reality is a cutting-edge Construction Augmented Reality Solution provider catering to construction companies. With a focus on transforming the construction industry through innovative AR technology, XYZ Reality sought to enhance its online presence and reach a wider audience.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Relevant Keywords
Increase in Search Visibility & Authority

Client's Challenge

XYZ Reality faced the challenge of low online visibility and limited organic search traffic. The company recognized the need to establish a robust digital footprint to capture the attention of construction professionals and decision-makers in the industry.


Build Media Group, a leading digital marketing agency, undertook a comprehensive SEO campaign to elevate XYZ Reality’s online visibility and drive targeted traffic to its website.

On-Page Optimization

In an effort to improve their company website, we: 

  • Conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify and rectify on-page issues.
  • Implemented keyword optimization strategies to enhance the relevance of XYZ Reality’s content to industry-specific search queries.
  • Enhanced meta tags, headers, and content structure to align with best SEO practices.
  • Improved website loading speed and mobile responsiveness for an enhanced user experience.

Off-Page Strategies

To boost the authority of the website and company overall, we: 

  • Executed a high-quality link-building campaign to acquire authoritative backlinks from industry-relevant websites.
  • Leveraged social media platforms to amplify XYZ Reality’s online presence and drive engagement.
  • Created and distributed valuable, shareable content to attract natural backlinks.
  • Monitored and managed online reviews and reputation to build trust and credibility.

Content Marketing

  • Developed a content calendar focusing on industry trends, augmented reality (AR) technology, and construction challenges.
  • Created informative blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies to position XYZ Reality as a thought leader in the construction AR space.
  • Utilized multimedia content, including videos and infographics, to enhance engagement and shareability.


In just seven months, Build Media Group achieved remarkable results for XYZ Reality:

  • Traffic Growth: We Increased organic search traffic by an astounding 8585.7%, expanding XYZ Reality’s online reach and visibility.


  • Keyword Rankings: We elevated average keyword rankings from position 98 to position 18, with numerous target keywords now ranking in the top 10.

  • Top Rankings: We secured top 10 positions for crucial keywords such as “construction AR software” and “construction AR app,” boosting XYZ Reality’s prominence in the industry.
  • Visibility and Authority: Our strategic link-building and content marketing efforts established XYZ Reality as an authoritative source in the AR construction sector.


  • Build Media Group’s multifaceted SEO approach – encompassing both advanced on-page and off-page strategies – propelled XYZ Reality to unprecedented online success. 

    The remarkable growth in organic search traffic, improved keyword rankings, and enhanced industry visibility. Through our efforts, XYZ Reality is positioned as a leading player in the Construction Augmented Reality space, ready to capitalize on new opportunities and further solidify its presence in the market.

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