Email Marketing for Construction Companies

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The construction industry is one that has been exponentially growing in the last few years. This means that if you are the owner of a company, you need to look for ways that get you ahead of the competition. Luckily, there is a strategy that has been around for many years and provides the highest ROI: email marketing for construction companies. 

Construction company email marketing is the best way to grow your business affordably. For instance, for every $1 you invest in email marketing for construction, you will get, in return, $44.25. Plus, construction company email marketing will allow you to keep in touch with your clients and reach new customers at the same time. 

If you are still thinking that email marketing in construction is not necessary. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider your decision.

Why should you be using email marketing for your construction company?

Personalized message

One of the great things about email marketing for construction is that it allows you to divide your customers. You can categorize them depending on their preferences, demographics and location. Having these different groups will help you create an individual message for each of them. These personalized messages are crucial because they can lead to a future purchase. This process is called segmentation and is one of the most important marketing concepts for construction companies to master. 


As mentioned before, the construction company email marketing is very affordable. This is a great characteristic of this strategy since you can have a small budget for it and still get a high ROI.

Brand Awareness

If you live in a community where there are several construction companies, you need to figure out how you can stand out. Construction company email marketing is the best way to do it because you can give updates to the community and even offer promotions. Using email marketing in construction will expand your brand awareness. This means whenever the community needs your services, you will be their first option.

Now that we know email marketing in construction is necessary, not only to attract new clients but to help expand your business. Below we will give you some tips you can use to create unique email marketing that increases your income. Further, we will describe some email marketing construction examples to get you started.

Tips for construction company email marketing

Right now, many owners are using email marketing in construction. This means that your message needs to be different to stand out in their inbox. With the tips you will find below, you will be able to create outstanding email marketing for every client. 


Have an email list


Part one of using email marketing in construction is having a list of people you can send your messages to. Even though some websites will tell you you can buy email lists, we don’t recommend this strategy. Most of the time, these email lists are too expensive, and they don´t ensure the contacts will be interested in your services. 

The best way to create your email list from scratch is by asking every customer to subscribe. We know this might sound like a long process, but in the end, it will be worth it since all your contacts will be interested in what you have to say.

After you have an initial list of contacts, you can move to the second step. Where are you going to direct them?


Update your website


When you are creating a sample of construction email marketing, you should always put your website link somewhere at the top. That way, the customers will know where they can go to find more information or make a purchase. Since you will direct them to your website, it is important to make sure that your digital presence is ready.

Check your website to test if it is easy to navigate, read the information, ensuring it is accurate and input your contact information on all the pages. Further, create a page dedicated to the services you provide. There, you can add media to attract customers. 

Finally, ensure that the clients can access your website through their mobile devices.


Social Media profiles


Having a social media profile will improve your marketing and the reputation of your business. The great thing is that you can also use your email marketing to promote your social media. This will help you gain more followers and create a community around your business.

Once you build the sample of construction email marketing, you can input the logos of your social media profiles with internal links.


Categorize your email list

If you are a small construction company that is focused on a specific community, you might be able to skip this step while you are getting started. However, if you are responsible for making a sample of commercial construction email marketing, you need to categorize. 

Commercial construction companies manage different projects such as retail centers, offices, warehouses, and many others. That’s why when you are creating email marketing, it needs to be unique for every project. 

In case you are a smaller construction company, instead of dividing your clients by project, you can do it by location and purchase history. Make sure you create a list of the clients who refer your company. That way, you can send them promotions and coupons. 


Recognizable email


One of the main things you should have in mind when you are writing a sample of construction email marketing is where you will send it from. We recommend not using a personal email account or a noreply@address. These types of emails will discourage the customer to click on your message.

Instead, use a company email that helps your customers recognize who is sending the message. This is also the best way to avoid ending up on their spam.

Attractive subject lines

Apart from having a recognizable email, an attractive subject line is the second most important element. Here is where you can convince your clients to open up your message since most of them will put the email in the trash if they don’t find the subject line interesting. 

There are many ways you can nail this crucial element. For instance, for a sample of commercial construction email marketing, you can write, “Check out these modern office renovations.” The key here is to be straightforward and deliver a clear message.

Include a call-to-action (CTA)

When you sit down to think about what is the purpose of your email, that is your CTA. What do you want customers to do after reading your message? Do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, visit your website, call you or check out your social media?

Even though it can be tempting, we don’t recommend using several CTA´s in your email. You can create a maximum of two buttons that say, “sign up here” or “call us today!” Then you can change the CTA´s, in every email.

Marketing construction email examples

Now you know how to create compelling email marketing. But, before you get started, we will take a look at the different types of emails you can send.


This one of the most common email marketing construction examples you will find online. A newsletter is an email update you send weekly or monthly, telling your customers about new things. This is a great place to promote your new products and let them know about your services.

If you want to give them updates on your latest projects, it is better to include before and after pictures. These visuals will help the customers know what you can accomplish.

Confirmation emails

When the customers book your services or buy your products is the perfect opportunity to share recommendations and promotions. You can set up automatic emails to send your client after their purchase with a personalized message and some coupons.

You can also create a follow-up email, asking your customer for their reviews on your product/service. 

Welcome email

From the different marketing construction email examples, this is the one that will show your customers how much they mean to you. Here you can send a friendly hello, with a personalized message and some CTA´s inviting them to check out your website.

Remember the email must be easy to read, avoid filling them up with endless paragraphs, two to three is more than enough.

Product/Service launch

Most people think that creating emails should focus on writing a compelling text, but they are wrong, it is mainly about the media. A “picture is worth a thousand words,” and that applies to your marketing.

When launching a product/service, do it through images and short descriptions. You can even create graphics to help the customer understand what you are talking about.

With all the information in this article, now you are ready to start your construction company email marketing. Keep in mind all the tips and decide which one of the email marketing construction examples you want to try first. Finally, check which one is the best time of the day to send your emails. If you follow all these steps, we are sure you will have a successful email marketing campaign. 


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