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GBP Strategies for HVAC Company Managers

In today’s highly competitive market, HVAC company managers need to leverage every available tool to stay ahead. One of the most effective ways to enhance visibility and attract local customers is through Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization. 

By strategically managing your GBP profile, you can improve your online presence, drive more traffic to your website, and, ultimately, increase your client base. Today’s blog will delve into our GBP strategies for HVAC company managers and provide actionable insights to help you optimize your listings and achieve measurable results.

Our GBP Strategies

Optimizing your Google Business Profile profile is essential for HVAC company managers looking to enhance their online presence and attract local clients. The following strategy is ideal for HVAC company managers looking to optimize their GBP profile: 

  • Monthly Posts/Pictures
    • Add keyword-rich GBP posts linking to local pages
    • Update team pictures, create photo and video content
  • Local Citations/Resources
    • Create 300+ NAP citations from relevant directories
    • Reverse-engineer competitor NAPs
    • Build HQ links from local authoritative sources
  • Initial Profile Optimization/Profile Strength Optimization
    • Optimize primary & secondary categories, service areas, and hours
    • Monitor and optimize services field, Q&A, products provided field, and description
  • Website Local SEO Optimization
    • Optimize or create landing pages
  • Review Requests Setup
    • Assist with automated review request setups (e.g., Service Titan, Podium, Birdeye)
  • Automated Review Replies
    • Enable automated review replies via Service Titan
  • Monthly Brand Mentions
    • Write and publish local SEO-focused guest posts on third-party websites
  • Remote Assistant Review Replies
    • Provide keyword-rich replies based on job details
  • Happy Calls
    • Conduct remote assistant calls post-technician appointment for feedback and review improvements

Boost Your CRM with Reclassification

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) is invaluable for HVAC company managers looking to grow their client base and goes hand in hand with GBP strategies in numerous ways. 

First, accurate and segmented customer data allows for more precise local SEO efforts. When customer information is well-organized, it becomes easier to align GBP posts, updates, and reviews with the specific needs and interests of different customer segments. This improves your GBP profile’s relevance and enhances its visibility in local search results.

Additionally, effective reclassification enables better management of automated review requests and replies. You can tailor review requests and responses more effectively by categorizing customers based on factors like service history and interaction preferences.

By leveraging professional reclassification services, HVAC company managers can ensure that their CRM and GBP strategies work synergistically to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.


This article provided HVAC company managers with comprehensive strategies for optimizing their Google Business Profile to boost online visibility and attract local clients. 

Key tactics include regular keyword-rich GBP posts, building local citations, optimizing profiles, and leveraging automated review setups. Additionally, we highlighted the importance of effective CRM through professional reclassification services, which helps align GBP efforts with customer data for enhanced local SEO and better management of review requests.

Contact Build Media Group to learn more about our GBP packages (starting at $2500) and our reclassification services.