How to Get More Customer Referrals for Your Construction Business

In today’s competitive construction industry, referral marketing can become a cornerstone of business growth. 

By leveraging the good experiences of your happy clients, you can turn word-of-mouth into a powerful driver of new sales. Whether through stellar service or an exceptional product, each referral is a testament to the quality your business provides.

Referral marketing is an excellent way to build your business and expand to different audiences. Why does it work? Well, think of it like word-of-mouth marketing – the oldest, most effective strategy in the book. Since prospects trust who referred them, it’s a “warm” lead – someone who is much more likely to convert. 

Referrals are important in any industry, but they’re critical in the service industry, like the construction sector. Our guide will show you some ways to get more customer referrals so you can build your business.

How to do referral marketing and why it’s effective

Before we can get to the specific strategies, let’s scale back for an overview of an effective referral marketing timeline. 

Here are the steps: 

Step #1 – Identify the key players. Know who you have: existing clients, business partners, friends, etc. Recognize that each one is a potential advocate for spreading a good word about your services.

Step #2 – Cultivate these existing relationships. Grass is green where it’s watered. Maintain regular contact and provide exceptional service to ensure happy customers who are then primed to sing your praises to others. This is great for your general PR (public relations) and makes people more likely to mention you.

Step #3 – Ask! Don’t hesitate to seek out referrals; a simple, direct approach often yields benefits, transforming satisfied clients into vocal supporters of your work based on their positive experiences. While some customers may refer you without asking, this isn’t always the case. Most times, nothing happens until you ask. 

How to get customer referrals 

#1. Go above and beyond with your services

#2. Develop a referral program

#3. Elevate UX 

#4. Create content on Linkedin or social media 

#5. Provide a quick template 

#6. Align with customer values

#7. Create physical handouts to give out

How to get referrals without asking – asking can sometimes be awkward. Here are some tips to avoid asking directly. 

#1. Go above and beyond with your services

Like anyone, your customers like to feel cared for and looked after, especially by service providers like construction companies. By exceeding their expectations clients are likely to be pleasantly surprised. These are great ways to stand out:

  • Excellence in your work 
  • Educating the customer 
  • Being proactive
  • Responding to feedback 
  • Punctuality 
  • Professionalism 
  • Delivering personalized service

Exceeding customer expectations is not merely a goal—it’s the best way to earn referrals. When clients experience a level of service that goes beyond the standard, their satisfaction converts into advocacy. 

Personalizing your service creates a unique bond, making each customer feel like family. This exceptional care nurtures loyalty, motivating clients to refer your business to others as they would recommend a trusted family member. 

Businesses that focus on delighting their clients are often rewarded with a loyal customer base that multiplies through enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals.

#2. Develop a referral program

If you don’t want to ask directly, a referral program can do the asking for you. Offering existing clients discounts for referring X number of people is a great incentive to share about your services. 

#3. Elevate UX 

Elevating the user experience provides a high-quality customer experience that exudes value and leaves a lasting impression. When customers interact with a seamless and intuitive interface, they not only appreciate the effort but it often becomes a reason they share their experiences with others.

How to get referrals for free – most businesses prefer the high return and lowest cost options. Here are some ideas.  

#4. Create content on Linkedin or social media 

Embracing LinkedIn and other social media platforms can tremendously simplify the referral process for your customers. With the touch of a button, they can recommend your services to their entire network, expanding your customer base through the power of digital word-of-mouth.

Moreover, social media engagement is key to fostering a community where each client feels like a friend. They’re not just figures in a sales report; they’re the lifeblood of your business growth. When clients share their good experiences with your business on social platforms, they boost your services and credibility to future clients. 

When your company creates content that’s relevant for your audience, you invite your satisfied customers to become brand advocates on a stage that reaches far beyond either party’s immediate circle.

#5. Provide a quick template 

Providing a simple referral template removes the hassle for clients, making it more likely for them to leave a review. A quick and straightforward template respects their time and encourages participation by reducing the effort needed to write a review, turning happy customers into active promoters of your business. 

How to be memorable – when you provide a unique experience, clients are likely to remember you.

#6. Align with customer values

By aligning your brand with customer values, you place yourself in a unique position where customers feel your business reflects their identity. (This also counts as a free/low-cost option) 

This alignment goes beyond mere product offerings; it encompasses your company’s ethos, environmental practices, and community engagement. Customers who find a reflection of themselves in your values, often become natural ambassadors, eager to spread the word to friends and family.

Moreover, humanizing your brand does wonders for customer relations. It transforms your company from a faceless entity into one with a personality and principles. This breeds loyalty and forges a powerful bond that customers are proud to endorse. 

When your brand stands for something, people stand with it, and they’ll want to build not just a transactional relationship, but a lasting one built on shared values and mutual respect. Once you have this, your reputation almost becomes self-sustaining.

#7. Create physical handouts for referrers to give

Providing physical handouts—like cool business cards or branded trinkets—helps your existing clientele to advocate for your services effectively and effortlessly. Putting your information on useful items like mini rulers, lanyards, or pens serve as a constant visual reminder of your brand and create a seamless method for a satisfied customer to pass on your details. 

This tangible form of promotion is particularly useful when consumers may not recall your exact business name or contact information. Thoughtfully designed business cards or handouts that are easy to carry and share with potential clientele. 

By embedding your brand presence in everyday items, you implant a subtle yet constant invitation for further contact and engagement, enhancing the likelihood of new customer acquisition.

Build your referral marketing strategy with our expert help.

In referral marketing, every strategy you utilize—from personifying your brand to providing a stellar customer experience—slingshots you ahead of the competition. Leveraging potent tactics can translate into tangible results, propelling not just a campaign, but a wave of organic endorsements. Now, imagine coupling your efforts with the expertise of Build Media Group. 

Our team specializes in orchestrating referral marketing strategies that resonate with your clients and amplify your results. Are you ready to transform your satisfied customers into a powerhouse of promoters? 

Contact Build Media Group today, and let’s craft a referral marketing strategy that turns your customer satisfaction into your most valuable asset.  

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